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Lesson 119: The Miracles of Nature- Stilling The Storm

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

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INTRODUCTION. The Sea of Galilee lies in a deep basin over 600 feet below sea level. In the surrounding hills there are many ravines and deep gorges which open into the sea. Cool winds blowing down from the mountains rush through these ra- vines and gorges and then over the water, creating violent tempests and raging seas. These storms are sudden, frequent, and very dangerous to small boats. Within minutes the air can become thick with mist, and the calm, peaceful water as a roaring, boiling cauldron or pot.

One day Jesus sat in a boat and taught parables to the people who were gathered on the shore. When evening came, He sent the multitudes away and entered a ship with his disciples to cross to the other side of the sea. As they were sailing, one of the sudden squalls arose and the disciples feared for their lives.

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