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Lesson 239: The Plagues

Ex. 7: 14-25; 8; 9; 10

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INTRODUCTION. When Moses and Aaron appeared before Pharaoh, they requested that Pharaoh allow the children of Israel to go three days journey into the wilderness to worship their God. Pharaoh refused and instead increased the burdens of the Israelites, saying they were idle and therefore wanted to go and sacrifice to their God.

To prove to Pharaoh that the God of Israel was greater than the gods of Egypt, Aaron cast his rod down before Pharaoh, and it became a serpent. However, Pharaoh called for his magicians whose rods also became serpents when they cast them down. Even though Aaron's rod swallowed the rods of the magicians, Pharaoh refused to hearken to Moses and Aaron and hardened his heart.

Moses and Aaron then began to demonstrate to Pharaoh the power of the God of Israel

with ten plagues upon the people and land of Egypt. The first nine plagues are discussed in this lesson.

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