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Lesson 38: Saul Chosen as King

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

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I Sam 9; 10

INTRODUCTION. The people of Israel demanded a king to rule over them, thus rejecting

God as their king. Although God permitted them to have a king, He did not

approve, nor did He allow the people to choose the king. Rather, the Lord selected

the man and then ordered and directed the prophet Samuel to anoint him king.

One day Saul, a Benjamite, was searching for his father's donkeys. He came to

Ramah where Samuel lived to inquire of him about the missing animals. Samuel detained

Saul, and the next day at God's direction, Samuel privately anointed Saul as

king. Later Samuel anointed Saul publicly before a gathering of the people of Israel

in Mizpah. Saul was tall and handsome, and when he proved to be a capable military

leader, the people enthusiastically accepted him as their king.

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