About Our Church

Our Mission Statement: Connecting people to Jesus and to one another

Our Purpose: To change our community and world by preaching the gospel to the unsaved and teaching the saved to serve

Our Commitment: To utilizing relationships for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship.

Our Motto: Love God, Love God’s People, Love God’s Word

Our Slogan: Going in the wrong direction? God allows U-Turns!



A brief history of New Direction COGIC

New Direction COGIC was formerly called New Gethsemane COGIC. The church was founded on September 4, 1966 by the late Elder Leamond Penn. Elder Leamond Penn and Dr. Irene Penn (Marshall) received their official appointment to New Gethsemane church of God in Christ on October 30, 1966 which was located at 177 West Monterey Ave., Pomona, CA.


On Sunday, March 16, 1980 Bishop Raymond E Watts was installed as pastor of New Gethsemane by the late Bishop J.A. Blake and the church has grown and flourished under his leadership. The church physical plant expanded to include a South Campus and West Campus which allowed the church to expand its Christian Education Program, develop temporary housing, a modern childcare center and much-needed parking. Many souls were added to the church, bodies healed, and lives changed as a result of the ministry of Bishop Raymond E Watts and Dr. Anita Watts and the entire New Gethsemane church family.


When God, through his divine will, established New Gethsemane Church of God in Christ, he saw fit to locate the congregation in the geographic center of the city of Pomona California. The arms of the church were then able to reach out and present the gospel of Jesus Christ basically throughout the city.


New Gethsemane church became a community-based church with many years of evangelizing the city of Pomona by feeding the hungry, clothing the destitute, ministering to the sick, housing the homeless, assisting in job placement etc. Through the years, the church has been blessed with a superior Christian Education Department, Sunday school, Bible College, television ministry, rehabilitation drug programs, childcare center, outstanding children’s department, youth department and young adult department.


New Gethsemane was renamed New Direction in 2008. That same year the church acquired a $3.5 million-dollar property that included a rundown abandoned 28,000 square foot building, situated on 3.5 acres located at 1100 E. Holt Boulevard, Pomona California. New Direction converted the 28,000 Square foot dilapidated building into a wonderful, beautiful church plant. From this vantage point, the church was able to reach many more people, establish a community Saturday Sidewalk-Sunday School program, street evangelism, community Job placement fairs, a coffee shop, a solar plant, community transportation to-and-from church ministry, community free medical treatment days in conjunction with Western Medical University, illustrative sermons, weekly community swap meets, major first time home buyer programs servicing thousands of people, and much more. At 1100 E. Holt New Direction developed the concept of Round Table Sunday School and was able to touch many lives.


During to the Great Recession of 2006 to 2012, finances to maintain this great work dried up. In late 2012, New Direction Church lost the 1100 E. Holt Boulevard, Pomona California property. The church sought the Lord for guidance in relocating and the we were led too a wonderful facility located at 8678 Archibald Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga CA. So now, the church is now located in the beautiful city of Rancho Cucamonga, California where the ministry continues to thrive by reaching out to the neighboring communities of our new city and the world. New Direction Church yet maintains a food ministry in the city of Pomona ministering each week, on Thursday afternoon.


New Direction COGIC has been instrumental in birthing many churches and major ministries and is involved in worldwide evangelism. Bishop Watts served as Jurisdictional Prelate for the California Southern Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ from 2006 to 2016. During that time New Direction served as the mother church of the Jurisdiction ministering throughout the region known as the Inland Empire of Southern California.


The church has a history of outstanding choirs, soloist, singing groups, great preachers, deacons, missionaries, tremendous musicians and major church axillaries. Our church music department has produced popular recordings and several outstanding recording artists have received their start at New Direction Church.


The relationship of the church membership has always been one of warmth, and we are always ready to receive a new member or new families into the fellowship.


New Direction COGIC is known for its ongoing around-the-clock prayer ministry; prayer every three hours-on-the-hour, its many PFL Small Groups for adult discipleship, thru-the-Bible Pastoral Bible studies for spiritual development, Baby Church, Children’s Church, Youth Church, Big Days, outstanding Praise and Worship Teams and much, much more.

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Meet Our Pastor, Raymond E. Watts, PhD!


Bishop Raymond E. Watts is a preacher, Bible teacher, lecturer, conference speaker, author, and the Pastor of New Direction Church of God in Christ of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. He is a real estate professional, investment consultant and accomplished businessman.


Bishop Watts has served in the roll of Senior Pastor for 38 years, being assigned by the late Bishop J.A. Blake to pastor New Gethsemane Church of God in Christ of Pomona California in September of 1980. The church name was changed to New Direction COGIC in 2008.


On November 14, 2006 Bishop Watts was inducted into the College of Bishops and consecrated as the Jurisdictional Prelate of California Southern Third Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ where he served faithfully for 10 years. He is currently serving the Church of God in Christ as an Auxiliary Bishop and Resident Bishop of California Southern First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.


Bishop Raymond Watts has a passion to teach the Lord’s people the word of God. His anointed teaching method, “through the Bible, book-by-book” style of teaching has helped many Christians to reach Spiritual maturity while equipping them to work the ministry. He has mentored and assisted many ministries and start-up churches in developing church growth and community evangelism procedures.


Bishop Watts has a B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with emphasis in biomedical electronics, from California Polytechnic University Pomona, M.A. in Business Management from the University of Redlands, M.A. in Religion, PhD in Church Administration from California Graduate School of Theology Glendale, CA., Honorary D.D. and Th.D. from Next Dimension University, Ontario, CA. He is the loving husband of Dr. Anita Y. Watts and the father of four children and three grandchildren.