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Lesson 190: Paul's Third Journey (Part II)

Updated: Jun 15

Acts 20:1-21:17

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INTRODUCTION. Following the uproar in Ephesus, Paul bid farewell to the disciples then left the city to go to Macedonia (Acts 20:1). Apparently he stopped at Troas expecting to meet Titus there, but when Titus could not be found, Paul went on to Macedonia (II Cor. 2:12-13). In Macedonia Paul met Titus (probably in Philippi) who brought him news of the church at Corinth (II Cor. 7:5-7). After spending some time with the churches at

Macedonia, Paul came to Greece (particularly Corinth in Achaia) where he stayed three months (Acts 20:2-3). He planned to sail from Corinth to Syria, but discovering a plot by the Jews against him, he went by land back through Macedonia (Acts 20:3).

Paul was accompanied by seven men who were carrying a contribution from the churches at Macedonia and Achaia to the poor Christians in Jerusalem (Rom. 15:25-26): Sopater of Berea; Aristarchus, who had been seized and dragged into the theater by the mob in Ephesus, and Secundus who were both from Thessalonica; Gaius of Derbe; Timothy who was from Lystra; Tychicus and Trophimus of Asia. These men apparently went ahead of Paul and waited for him at Troas. Luke, who had remained in Philippi during Paul's second journey (Acts 16:10-17:1), probably rejoined Paul at Philippi for "us" and "we" are introduced into the narrative again. After the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread (the latter, a seven day festival, immediately followed the Passover), these two sailed from Philippi to Troas where they tarried for seven days (Acts 20:4-6).

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