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Lesson 191: Paul's Arrest and Defense Before the Jews

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Acts 21:17-22:29

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INTRODUCTION. When Paul came to Jerusalem at the close of his third journey, the year was probably A. D. 58. The brethren received Paul and his companions gladly. Paul rehearsed to James and the elders of the church one by one the things God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry, and when they heard his words, they glorified God (Acts 21:17-20). The contribution carried by Paul's companions for the needy Christians at Jerusalem was probably presented to the elders at that time.

James and the elders, however, were concerned for Paul's safety. The believing Jews in Jerusalem had been informed that Paul taught the Jews who were dispersed among the Gentiles to forsake the Law of Moses. These charges were untrue, for to the Jews and Gentiles alike Paul preached Jesus Christ–the Gentile Christians were free from the Old Testament law and customs, while the Jewish Christians could continue to observe the law as long as they did not regard those matters of the law necessary to salvation (Acts 21:21-26).

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