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Lesson 215: The Call of Abram

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Gen. 11:31-32; 12:1-9

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INTRODUCTION. Before God created the heavens and earth, He purposed to send his Son into the world to save mankind from their sins. In order to accomplish his purpose, God chose Abram (later called Abraham) to be the father of a nation through whom his Son would come.

God first called Abram when he resided in Ur of the Chaldees (Gen. 15:7; Neh. 9:7; Acts 7:2-3). Ur was an ancient and important city located on the Euphrates River in southern Mesopotamia. Abram first migrated northwestward in Mesopotamia to Haran, also a flourishing city in the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries B. C. (Gen. 11 :31). At Haran God again called Abram, instructing him to go to a land that He would show him (Gen. 12:1). God then made three promises to Abram: the nation promise, the land promise, and the spiritual promise (Gen. 12:2-3, 7).

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