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Lesson 229: Joseph in Prison

Updated: Mar 12

Gen. 39

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INTRODUCTION. The merchants who purchased Joseph from his brothers sold Joseph in

Egypt to Potiphar, the captain of the guard in Pharaoh's army. Although Joseph was a slave in Potiphar's household, he prospered for the Lord was with him. Eventually Potiphar elevated Joseph to the position of overseer, placing him in charge of his entire household. The Lord blessed Potiphar because of Joseph.

Joseph was a handsome young man, and after some time Potiphar's wife became infatuated with him. One day she tried to tempt Joseph, and he fled from her presence,

leaving his garment behind. Potiphar's wife then lied to her husband, claiming that Joseph had tried to violate her, and she produced Joseph's robe as evidence. In great rage Potiphar put Joseph in prison.

Again the Lord was with Joseph, and eventually the keeper of the prison placed Joseph in charge of all the prisoners. The prison keeper did not concern himself with anything

under Joseph's authority, for whatever Joseph did the Lord made it to prosper.

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