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Lesson 244: The Ten Commandments

Updated: Jun 24

Ex. 19; 20:1-21

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INTRODUCTION. After the battle with the Amalekites, the children of Israel left Rephidim and came to the wilderness of Sinai. They had been traveling for three months since leaving Egypt.

The wilderness of Sinai is a wild and rugged area with granite mountain peaks that are 8000 feet high, dark red in color, and surrounded by deep canyons. The Israelites camped on open ground before a peak called Mount Sinai.

God called to Moses from out of the mountain and instructed him to prepare the people to receive his laws and covenant. If the people would keep his covenant, then they would be a "kingdom of priests, and an holy nation" (Ex. 19:6).

Moses told the people to wash their clothes and purify themselves for two days. Boundaries were set round the mountain that the people were not to cross or touch. Anyone crossing the borders and going up the mount would be put to death. On the third day the Lord came down upon Mount Sinai in a thick cloud and spoke the Ten Commandments in the hearing of all the people.

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