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Lesson 246: The Tabernacle

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INTRODUCTION. When Moses was on Mount Sinai, God gave him many laws in addition to the Ten Commandments. He also gave Moses instructions for building a sanctuary or tabernacle - a place for worship. The tabernacle was used by the Israelites as a temporary place of worship during their wilderness wanderings and during their early years in Canaan.

This place for worship included a courtyard which surrounded the tabernacle or inner tent containing the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. The term tabernacle specifically refers to the inner tent or sanctuary which was the dwelling place of God among his people in the wilderness, but sometimes it refers to the entire structure.

The tabernacle and courtyard were constructed of boards that could be assembled and taken apart for moving. The boards were covered with animal skins and cloth curtains. The furniture was constructed with rings attached to the sides. Poles or staves were inserted through the rings by which the furniture could be carried. This tabernacle was replaced during the reign of King Solomon who built a magnificent temple in Jerusalem as a permanent place of worship.

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