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Lesson 41: David and Goliath

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

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INTRODUCTION. David first gained his reputation as a warrior during his contest

with the Philistine giant Goliath. The Philistines had gathered in the valley of Elah to

battle the Israelites. The valley of Elah was in the lowland country of Judah, and the

Philistines stood on the mountain on one side of the valley, while the Israelites stood

on the mountain on the other side.

Jesse sent his son David to the scene of the battle to check on his three older brothers

who were with Saul and the Israelite army. The Philistines' champion, a ninefoot

giant, challenged the Israelites morning and evening for forty days.

When David heard Goliath's boasting, he was displeased and angry that the Philistine

defied the armies of God. David accepted Goliath's challenge, and with Saul's

permission, met the giant, slaying him with his sling and a single stone. He then

took Goliath's sword and cut off the giant's head. When the Philistines saw that their

champion was dead, they fled and the Israelites pursued them to the gates of the

Philistine cities.

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