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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

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I Kings 1

INTRODUCTION. When David was old and near death, his fourth son Adonijah at-

tempted to proclaim himself king. With the help of Joab, the captain of the army,

and Abiathar, the priest, he prepared chariots, horsemen, and runners to declare

himself the new king. Then he invited followers to a religious feast.

The prophet Nathan together with Bathsheba, David's wife and the mother of Solomon, informed David of the plot. David then ordered Nathan, the priest Zadok, and

Benaiah, one of David's mighty men, to take Solomon on David's mule to Gihon

spring. There they should anoint Solomon, then blow the trumpet and proclaim him

the king before the citizens of Jerusalem.

When Adonijah and his followers heard the noise of the people rejoicing at Solomon's anointing, they were frightened. The guests left the feast and went their own

way while Adonijah fled to the altar for safety. Adonijah believed that the altar, a

place of worship, would offer him protection and justice even though he had attempted to usurp the throne.

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