Updated: Nov 4, 2020

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INTRODUCTION. After the death of Solomon, the great Hebrew kingdom divided.

Through the years the southern kingdom of Judah was ruled by the descendants of

David in fulfillment of God's promise to David (II Sam. 7). Some of the kings of Judah were righteous and some were wicked.

In contrast the northern kingdom of Israel immediately became idolatrous. God

promised Jeroboam to establish his kingdom and give Israel to him if he kept the

commandments and statutes. Jeroboam, however, soon corrupted the worship of

God with his golden calves and other sinful policies. As a consequence God brought judgment against Jeroboam, cutting off his family, and thus several dynasties (families) ruled in Israel. Unfortunately all the kings of Israel were idolatrous, following the improper system of worship begun by Jeroboam, and later practicing Baal worship.

The sixth king of Israel was Omri who built the city of Samaria for his capital city.

Located about forty-two miles north of Jerusalem, the city was on a hill and could

thus be easily defended. Samaria remained the capital city of Israel until the northern tribes were carried away into captivity.