Lesson 62: Joash, The Boy King

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

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INTRODUCTION. During the time Elijah and Elisha were doing their work, there was

turmoil in the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. In the northern kingdom of Israel, the

wicked Ahab was succeeded on the throne first by one son, and following his death, by

a second son. Both of these kings were wicked as their father.

A descendant of David ascended the throne in Judah about the same time as Ahab's

first son began reigning in Israel. This king of Judah was married to Athaliah who was

the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. The king was wicked, as was his wife, and his son

who succeeded him on the throne was also wicked.

Meanwhile God instructed Elisha to anoint Jehu as king of Israel. God chose Jehu as

his instrument to destroy the house (descendants) of Ahab, thus fulfilling the prophecy

of Elijah (I Kings 21:21-22; II Kings 9:1-13). Jehu immediately commenced the task of conspiring against the descendants of Ahab and eliminating them. First, Jehu rode in his chariot to the city of Jezreel. As he approached the city, the king of Israel and the king of Judah who were visiting one another rode in their chariots to meet Jehu. Jehu slew both kings then continued on to the city (II Kings 9:14-29).