Lesson 79 OBADIAH

Updated: Apr 6

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Background Information

Obadiah’s name means “Servant of the Lord.”

II. The exact date of this book is uncertain, Sampey gives the date as 845 B.C.

III. Addressed to Edom although Judah was intended as the primary readers of the


IV. Message of the book: Condemnation of Edom’s pride and a declaration of the

ultimate victory of Jehovah.

V. Edom: “The country settled by Esau’s descendants. The ruddy hue of the

mountains may have given the name Edom which is red in the original. The

ancient name was Mt. Seir. Seir means rugged. On the E side of W Arabah, from

Elath on the S to Moab on the N, at the brook Zered, about 100 miles long by 20

miles wide. The whole country is wild, rugged and full of deep glens but is also

very fertile on the terraces; while the desert on each side is barren. The people

dwelt amid the rocky heights in caves and houses perched on dizzy crags, like

eagles in their nests, living by their swords; yet, as Isaac promised, this land