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Lesson 80 Joel The Prophet Of Pentecost

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

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I. Joel’s name means “Jehovah is God.”

II. Though the exact date is uncertain, it was probably written around 835 to 830 B.C.,

when Joash was placed upon the throne at the age of seven and Jehoiada the

priest functioned as the real ruler (2 Kings 11, 12).

A. As an early prophet in Judah, Joel would have been a contemporary of Elisha

in Israel.

III. Message of the book: The “day of the Lord” is one in which...

A. The wicked among God’s people will be punished.

B. The righteous will be delivered.

C. The enemies of God’s people will be punished.

IV. Joel is considered to be the most polished literary work among the prophets.

V. The theme of disaster runs throughout the book (locust plagues, famine, fires,

invading armies, heavenly phenomena).

A. Some think the locusts were a real invading army. Whether literal or

figurative, they were of Jehovah.

B. The book begins with doom but closes with hope.

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