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Lesson 232: Joseph Meets His Brothers

Updated: Apr 1

Gen. 42; 43

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INTRODUCTION. As the ruler of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh, Joseph prepared for the

famine during the years of plenty by storing the surplus grain. When the famine commenced, Joseph opened his storehouses selling his grain not only to Egyptians, but to those of the surrounding countries. Eventually Jacob sent his ten oldest sons to Egypt to buy grain. When the brothers came before Joseph to make their purchase, they bowed to him not recognizing him.

Joseph accused his brothers of spying, but they assured him they were the twelve sons of one man-the youngest was at home with their father and one brother was no more. In order to prove they were not spies, Joseph ordered them to bring their youngest brother to him. To ensure that the brothers would return with their youngest brother, he bound Simeon and put him in prison as a hostage.

Joseph commanded his servants to fill his brothers' sacks with grain and to restore every man's money into his sack. When the brothers returned to Canaan to their father Jacob and discovered their money in their sacks, they were extremely afraid. When they related to Jacob the events of their experience in Egypt with the ruler, Jacob said that Benjamin should not go with them to Egypt.

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