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Lesson 235: The Birth of Moses

Updated: Apr 22

Ex. 1; 2:1-10

Full Lesson HERE

INTRODUCTION. After Jacob's family moved to Egypt, they increased and multiplied until

the land was filled with them. Joseph died, many years passed, and a new king came to

power who did not know Joseph.

Afraid of the strength and might of the Israelites, the king began to afflict them, enslaving them and forcing them to build cities for him. He decreed that all boy babies born to the Hebrew women should be cast into the river.

One Levite family hid their infant son. When they could no longer hide him, his mother put him in a basket and placed him in the river where the daughter of Pharaoh bathed. The royal princess found the basket and child, named him Moses which means to draw out, and raised him as her son.

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