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Lesson 234: Jacob Moves To Egypt - Death Of Joseph

Updated: Apr 15

Gen. 46:1-7, 27-34; 47:27-31; 50

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INTRODUCTION. The Biblical story of Joseph is the account of an Israelite boy, sold into

slavery by his brothers, who eventually became the most powerful man in the Egyptian

court of Pharaoh. The character of Joseph is revealed throughout the narrative-his abilities as a slave in Potiphar's household, his trustworthiness as a prisoner, his humility as the interpreter of dreams, his wisdom as Pharaoh's second in command, his forgiving spirit and compassion for his brothers, and above all his faith in God and patience through thirteen long years of trials. God used Joseph to save his family and to preserve the future nation of Israel through whom the promised seed would come. Joseph, by the nobility of his character, accomplished what God had planned for him.

After Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, he instructed them to return to Canaan and bring their father and their families to Egypt, for there were still five more years of famine. Pharaoh sent wagons to transport their families and goods and provided for their dwelling in the area in Egypt called Goshen.

The book of beginnings-Genesis-ends with the death of Jacob in Egypt and lastly the death of Joseph. In this book we learn about the beginning of the world and the beginning of the family chosen by God through whom his promised seed and salvation would come.

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